Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Narrow Escape

The two dogs above were at risk of euthanasia at the KCMO Animal Shelter...I am not sure if they were saved or not.

The problem with taking something over that is a service and is ongoing is you don't have start up time. It's go time from the time you take the keys. So the KC Pet Project people walk into a shelter that is an open admission shelter that is already overcrowded, especially with dogs. Then some of the dogs get sick, and in the shelter, there is no quarantine area. Since space is already tight, which is a risk factor for the spread of disease, the shelter is faced with the possibility of having to kill sick but adoptable animals.

Facebook was used to put out the names and pics of animals at risk this morning and, while I cannot confirm that all of the at risk animals were pulled out of the shelter by individuals or organizations, I can tell you that at least a few of the animals were saved. The group included a St. Bernard boy. It was a great example of how social networking can work to communicate a need quickly.

KC Pet Project would like to euthanize rarely, if at all. They do not have that opportunity at this time. To get there is going to require many things: improved facilities, communication and cooperation with other rescues and shelters, more foster homes, more adoptions faster, and a general reduction in the production of companion animals in the metro. It would be nice to get beyond having to deal with individual emergency situations concerning the number and/or health of animals at the shelter that require that the hard choice of euthanasia be considered and be able to work proactively rather than reactively.

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