Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nothing But Animals

We're going to see if we like the way this works out. (Above, Gracie, adoptable kitty at Wayside Waifs...have to have an adorable photo!)

The Observer has been working as a volunteer at Wayside Waifs and so many of the animals have such compelling stories about them. Not to mention all the cute pictures I take of the animals. I also hope to make it a more regular occurance to visit the Kansas City Missouri shelter on Raytown Road. Adopting from there saves lives, literally.

Facebook has become one of the biggest and best tools for getting the word out about animals, but there are sometimes that it is just too much for that outlet--too many animals, too many links, too many photos. A blog post coupled with a Facebook link is often just the ticket, and since so many links get shared, the word gets out about animals available for adoption.

It's pretty hard to make a city a "no-kill" city--a lot of things have to fall into place. Kansas City can do better. Perhaps this blog can help a little bit.

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